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Recent PhD Public and Urban Policy Posts



Professor Darrick Hamilton and Milano PhD Student Rachel Atkins report on “Color of Wealth in the Nation’s Capital”

Professor Darrick Hamilton and Milano PhD Student Rachel Atkins, along with Kilolo Kijakazi, Mark Paul, Anne E. Price and William A. Darity Jr, co-authored a report on the "Color of Wealth in the Nation's Capital" that explores the historical wealth gap between black and white residents in the region of Washington, D.C. The report is a result of a joint publication of the Urban Institute, The New School, Duke University and The Insight Center for Community Economic Development and it was successfully launched in Washington, DC in an event that was open to the public. The Washington Post has written ...

The New School Delegation of Students and Faculty Participate in Habitat III Conference

The New School has sent a delegation of students and faculty to participate at Habitat III - the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador from October 17 to 20, 2016. This conference is the 3rd conference organized by the UN on this subject, the last one being in June 1996 at Istanbul. The New School will man a large booth where students and faculty will present more than 20 hours of work over four days, including proposing "A New Urban Agenda requires a New Urban Practice." This new agenda calls for a much more ...
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Milano PhD Student on The Stream Show for Al Jazeera

Milano PhD Student Jacqueline Kataneksza recently spoke on The Stream show for Al Jazeera, discussing the current political climate and protests in Zimbabwe. Kataneksza was invited to speak based on an article she wrote for Professor Sean Jacob's blog Africa is a country. Read more on this here.[feather_share skin="wheel" size="24"] ...

Urban Matters | Cutting Rents Without Bleeding Landlords

Cutting Rents Without Bleeding Landlords By Flavia Leite, Courtney Loiacono, Grant Nagaki, and Dan WooldridgeYet whatever the outcome of this battle, the income slump that many low-income New Yorkers experienced after (and in some cases, even before) the 2008 Great Recession still puts them in a tight housing affordability squeeze. Almost 35% of households in rent-regulated apartments pay half or more their incomes for housing. In the parlance of housing policy, they are “severely rent-burdened,” because the hit that housing puts on their wallets makes it hard for them to meet other basic expenses. And despite our supply of public ...

Capitalizing on Public Discourse in Bolivia: Evo Morales and 21st Century Capitalism

Milano Doctoral student, Rebecca Hollender dives into the role of Bolivia's President Evo Morales, whom seemed promising, but has neglected Bolivia's long-term goals for economic independence, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Though there was great celebration for Morales' 2005 election, Bolivia continues to be characterized by fiscal dependence and macroeconomic prioritization of growth-centric policies sustained by extractive activities. Learn more about Bolivia, Morales, and Latin America's social and political struggle at ...