Aida Profile


I give because I feel like we have to fight, and I give to try to win that fight” –Aida Rodriguez , PhD

Aida Rodriguez the recipient of the 2017 HIP Giver Award has tirelessly advocated for Latinos throughout her career. Among her many roles, she has served as a mentor, a board member, program evaluator, professor and change agent. Aida has served her community for more than 30 years; becoming an exemplary model for the men and women in the Latino community. During an interview with HIPGivers Rodriguez said, “HIPs work and my Latino giving is all one big story—I was there from the beginning. It weaves together. HIP has been my family and my professional support network. I could not have survived philanthropy without it.” In the same interview, when asked what was the most important gift she had ever received, she replied, “My parents, my husband and children” – a fitting answer from a woman with such strong family ties.

Aida’s story begins in New York City where she was raised by a Puerto Rican mother and a Cuban father. Her mother and father had little education but were hard working and very loving. With dedication and a strong work ethic, Aida earned a full scholarship to Princeton University. She was among the very small group of Princeton’s first Latino students. She graduated in 1976 with honors, and went on to receive her PhD in Sociology at UMass-Amherst.

Aida translated her family values onto her work, and inspired HIP’s work to support Latino communities. Aida Rodriguez is simply a trailblazer. A woman defined by her determination, intelligence and strong family values.


Congratulations  Aida Rodriguez, your hard work and dedication was seen during your time as a Milano Management Professor.