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Fall 2018 Course Schedule

2018 Fall Course Schedule

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Exploring Graduate Courses at The New School

Use the Guide to Graduate Courses at The New School to help you choose a wide-range of electives from across The New School. The course master subject code is linked to a particular program (Examples of Milano course master subject codes are NEPS, NMGM, NPUP, NURP). Once you know the four letter course master subject code you can can use this guide to find contacts and links to registration permission request forms. To request permission into a restricted Parsons course use  the Parsons Permission Request Form

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If a sample syllabus is available, please note that some course content may vary. Please refer to the following resources before requesting a sample syllabus:

NEPS courses – email

NINT courses – email

NMGM courses – email

NPUP and NURP – email

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