Sujatha Jesudason, Ph.D. Joins the faculty at the

Milano School  of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy atThe New School.


She has worked as an activist, organizer and scholar for over 25 years in a range of social justice movements. Dr. Jesudason is a leading voice on new practices in movement building, the ethics of reproductive genetics, gender justice, disability rights and racial inclusion.


In her work she focuses on forging unlikely collaborations and looking past forced simplifications at the intersection of issues too often considered separately: economic inequality, domestic violence, racial discrimination, disability rights and gender roles. Dr. Jesudason has worked skillfully with a wide and diverse range of leaders, community members, activists, scholars, researchers and academics, listening for patterns and trends in order to prepare for the challenges around the corner and into the future.



NLM Recipients Rachelle Suissa  


Rachelle Suissa is Chief Outreach Officer at Project You, Inc. a


 Nonprofit that aims to provide economic empowerment to Marginalized low-income women who are struggling single mothers, domestic violence victims, homeless or unemployed, African American or Hispanic, and immigrants. Rachelle says, “We offer short-term vocational training courses and services that enable our clients to enter life-long careers in healthcare. It’s the only nonprofit with a collective effort to assist all struggling women in New York City.” Rachelle is also President and


Founder of Dare to Run, Inc. a pending 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization with the mission to teach women the skills necessary to run for public office at the local, state and national level of government. She says, “Dare to Run offers female college graduates the chance to participate in a two-year certification program in pursuit of a career path in public service. Dare to Run gives women the opportunity to be a voice for the constituents in their community by committing to run campaigns in search of elected office within 2 years of graduation from the program.”

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